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Dana Plepys


“Artists participating in the Chicago Video Data Bank inspired and influenced my later work: people like Barbara Sykes, Drew Browning, Jane Veeder, Phil Morton, Annette Barbier, and others. After having received my BFA, I became keenly aware of these communities of artists experimenting with video and computer graphics both at SAIC and at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory [EVL] at the University of Illinois at Chicago [UIC]. Fortunately, this tight-knit community embraced me along with some of my other colleagues like Sally Rosenthal and Kathy Tanaka. It wasn’t competitive; rather it was inclusive, and people encouraged others to get involved.” 

Eat Meat, 1984. Courtesy of Dana Plepys.  

From New Media Futures: The Rise of Women in the Digital Arts.  


Untold HERstories: An Homage to SIGGRAPH SIGGRAPH ‘19 LA, July 31, 2019 

Dana Plepys is an artist-videographer who participated in the burgeoning Chicago video art scene in the 1970s–90s. She is an associate director of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago and serves as the editor/administrator for the ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review (SVR), one of the largest video publications of computer graphics in the world.  

Plepys is also the director of the CineGrid Exchange, a distributed digital media archive, supporting research, development, and preservation of super-high-resolution content. She lives in Chicago with her husband and three children. 

Women artists who lived and worked in Chicago included Jeanne Dunning (1960– ), Lee Godie (1908–1994), and Vivian Maier (1926–2009). Dunning and Godie were featured in the MCA’s Art in Chicago 1945–1995 retrospective. 

 Lee and Cameo on a chair . . . early-mid 1970s, Lee Godie 

 4 3/4” x 3 3/4” Vintage photo booth print 

 From the Richard and Ellen Sandor Family Collection 



video art , IGrams, digital preservation

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