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Margaret Dolinsky


I think it’s important for artists to understand what’s going on in the humanities and the sciences in order to do powerful art. I was grateful that women were talking about computer science from a feminine perspective and looking at different roles that we can take on within VR.”

Self-Portrait. Courtesy of Margaret Dolinsky. From New Media Futures: The Rise of Women in the Digital Arts.


Margaret Dolinsky is an Associate Professor of Digital Art at the School of Fine Arts, and Senior Research Scientist with the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University-Bloomington. She is an associate member of the Cognitive Science Program Faculty and a Fellow with the Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities. She co-chairs the IS&T conference, The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality. Her research into digital art and interactive technologies for museums, VR theaters, operas and stage productions has been seen at ACM SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, NCC’s InterCommunication Center in Tokyo, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. She was commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create “Cabinet of Dreams” a VR experience of Chinese antiquities. Work shown in China includes VR and "Emotable Portraits" which uses facial detection. She coproduced and designed stage sets for several productions with Timothy Nelson, Director of American Opera Theater. Her work is published in Leonardo, Intelligent Agent, US World & News and many conference proceedings. 


"I think what motivates me the most about using technology is seeing the possibilities for shifting perception and expanding thinking. I can be in the world of my imagination in so many more ways now. It’s not just art in terms of paper and pen and brush, it’s art in terms of experiential moments with art.” –Margaret Dolinsky

Simone Prieuer, ca. 1930, Man Ray 11 1/2”x9” Vintage gelatin silver print From the Richard and Ellen Sandor Family Collection, Digital photograph by James Prinz Photography (Detail from Blue Window Pane, CAVE installation by Margaret Dolinsky)


virtual reality , CAVE art, IGrams, painting and drawing

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