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Tiffany Holmes


“I was extremely interested in the potential of art to engage the body, and interestingly I found that most of the work that I was attracted to happened to be done by women working in the field.” 

darkSky, 2009 and FRESH, 2008. Courtesy of Tiffany Holmes.  From New Media Futures: The Rise of Women in the Digital Arts.  


Tiffany Holmes is an artist, teacher, and administrator.  She is currently the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies at the Maryland Institute, College of Art.  At the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Holmes chaired the Department of Art and Technology Studies, developed an honors program and professional practices curriculum as a full professor and Dean.    

Her installation work explores the potential of art and design to promote environmental awareness and sensitivity to shifting ecologies on the planet. Projects include a commission for the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, detailed “Eco-visualization: Combining art and technology to reduce energy consumption,” earned a Best Paper award at Creativity and Cognition 2007 and a doctoral degree.  She has lectured and exhibited worldwide: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, 01SJ Biennial, Siggraph 2000, Interaction ’01 in Japan, ISEA Nagoya. 


“Shortly after I came home, my daughter Ada was born on April 19, 2010, named for Ada Lovelace [see p. 16] because I loved her contribution to the field of computer programming so much.” 

–Tiffany Holmes

Ada Lovelace, 1840, Alfred Edward Chalon 

From Wikimedia Commons 


new media and interactive installations

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